In 2017, I launched HYPEBEAST’s podcast network, HYPEBEAST Radio.

I hosted 51 episodes of the flagship show with guests like Seth Rogen, Daniel Arsham, Tyga, GoldLink, and more.

As host, I conducted in-depth interviews with fashion designers, musicians, artists, photographers, and cultural movers.

As producer, I coördinated everything from booking and research to budgeting and the production schedule.

Beyond my work on HYPEBEAST Radio’s eponymous show, Roazen also produced, copywrote and edited the network’s other programs: The Business of HYPE with Jeff Staple and Sound Check.

Seth Rogen Has a Deep Laugh In a candid sitdown, the Canadian comedian talks about everything: Hilarity For Charity, working with Tommy Wiseau, and working out with Kanye West.

The woman behind Pornhub’s social media presence has a hard time explaining her job to her grandma. She also wants to wear John Mayer’s skin—just kidding, kind of.

Angelo Baque Explains How a Kid from Queens Found Himself at the Epicenter of Streetwear

The creative behind Supreme also speaks on his own brand, Awake NY, and why he prides himself on helping the kids.

Heron Preston on Trolling Forums and Working for Kanye West

DJ and all-around creative Heron Preston to learn about his origins as a fashion designer. From trawling and trolling forums and blogs to forming the ‘fashion boy band’ known as Been Trill, Heron has been on the cutting edge of fashion and culture for years now.

Andrew Richardson Talks About Blac Chyna, Jenna Jameson and Magic City

Andrew Richardson does not make smut. While his eponymous magazine most certainly does focus on sex as a subject, it is—according to Richardson himself—very much "in service of ideas." 

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