IKEA® Campaigns

“Find Your Style 101”


In 2016, IKEA® approached HYPEBEAST for a branded content campaign, titled “Find Your Style 101.” HYPEBEAST produced a series of three tutorials aimed at archetypal millennials gearing up for their first dorm rooms and apartments. Ben wrote and hosted the first of the videos, below.

“Moving is the chance to transform an expressionless space into a reflection of your personality and style. Whether your move is into a new apartment, or into a dorm during the back-to-school Fall season, you always want your new home base to be an expression of what you love. For sneaker fans, the challenges of setting up a new apartment can be unique — wall space and storage are always at a premium, both for displaying your kicks and stashing your shoe boxes; accessibility is important, and you still need somewhere to sleep.

With that in mind, HYPEBEAST partnered with IKEA to set up a clean and contemporary sneakerhead space.”

The video went viral, racking up over 2M views on YouTube and 2.5M views on Instagram, for a total of over 5M+ unique impressions.

The campaign was a success and went on to win a 2017 Effie Award for Best New Media Idea.

“Style Clash”


After the success of the previous campaign, IKEA® and HYPEBEAST revisited their collaboration with a series of “Style Clash” videos that Ben wrote, produced and provided the voice-overs for.