Throughout his time at HYPEBEAST, I contributed longform articles, profiles and interviews to the publication’s print outlet. Above is a collaborative cover created by HYPEBEAST and Easthampton’s own New York Sunshine, whom Ben profiled for the “Renaissance Issue.” 

Everything In Its Right Place: In Conversation with Tom Sachs

For his first print story, I paid the eccentric artist Tom Sachs a visit in his meticulously knolled studio in Downtown Manhattan.

Outside the Box: An Interview with Benjamin Edgar Gott

Benjamin Gott has many jobs, wears many hats: he created a blog called The Brilliance (often stylized as THE BRILLIANCE!!1!) with his friends Chuck Anderson and Virgil Abloh; he created the Boxed Water company (you might know them for selling, uh, boxed water); he makes streetwear and other objects under the playfully titled brand Or Whatever. He also has a day-job. 

The Eleventh Hour: A Conversation with Gorillaz

Have you ever interviewed a cartoon before? It’s surprisingly stressful. Their schedules are all quite tight. I profiled Gorillaz—the cartoons, not the geezers. The band sent their answers in at the very last minute, hence the title.

Beyond the Dead: An Interview with Online Ceramics

Alix Ross and Elijah Funk, collectively known as Online Ceramics, have been truckin’ and following the Grateful Dead around on tour since graduating from art school. For the “Singularity Issue,” I talked to the duo about the Dead, John Mayer, and tie-dye and discovered that every American family has a Deadhead somewhere along the line, like a dancing skeleton in the closet.

Not pictured: interviews with streetwear mogul Ronnie Fieg (of KITH fame) and New York Sunshine.